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wheel, bug & grime cleaner dash, seat & carpet cleaner
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  • Use on panels, chrome, plastic & fiberglass
• Quickly & effectively cleans dirt, soils, grease, grime and more
• Leaves a brilliant shine

This versatile, combination cleaner and polish uses Encapsulation™ Technology to revolutionize the cleaning of car exteriors. Used with or without water, the product blasts through tough soils, grease & grime to clean and polish car panels, chrome, plastic and fiberglass.

Spray George Foreman's Knock-Out™ Exterior Cleaner & Polish directly onto the dirty vehicle and simply wipe away with a clean, dry terry towel. You will get instant results with no scratches because the dirt is held in suspension away from contact with the surface. To achieve a deep shine, simply take a non-woven polishing cloth or micro-fiber towel and polish to a high gloss. The resulting rich, deep shine will repel water and protect your car from the elements.

Cars will look shiny and new – and stay that way longer -- because there is no residue build-up. Knock-Out™ actually protects car finishes. It will not deteriorate paint, tinted windows or rubber tires. And, it saves money because there is no need to buy multiple products.

  • Can be used with or without water
• Easy, quick and effective cleaning – anytime, anywhere – with or without water
• Cleans and polishes - all at the same time.
• Use it in between waxes to keep your car shiny bright

• Convenient and easy
• No water, buckets, hoses or sponges needed
• Use it anywhere
• Keeps finish looking like shiny and new
• Will not have to wash car as much
• Stays looking cleaner longer


• Dissolves dirt, dust, pollen & road film
• Will not streak or leave water spots
• No toxic residues
• Will not affect wax job
• Restores water beading effect
• Contains no greasy oils, or harsh solvents
• Safe for all exterior car finishes: clear coats, metallic, custom paint jobs, enamels, wax jobs and plastic


• Handy
• Quicker - faster car cleaning
• Easy to use
• Makes for a cleaner car every time
• No residue buildu-p
• Will not deteriorate the wax
• Looks shiny and new longer
• Will not have to wax as often
• Car stays cleaner longer since there are no greasy oils to attract dirt and grime.

  • Non-corrosive
• Non-abrasive
• Non-flammable
• Non-toxic

• Will not scratch the surface
• Protects your paint job
• Won't harm non-glass surfaces
• Will not hurt paint and finish
• Will not corrode car exterior or your skin
• Will not re-attract dirt and grime
• Not harmful – any one can use it
• Safe for people, pets and the environment

  • Just spray on – and wipe off   • Quicker - faster car cleaning
• No need to rinse with water


• Multi-purpose product: plexiglas, plastic, fiberglass
• Cleans tinted windows
• Cleans wiper blades
• Polishes chrome bumpers


• Saves money - no need to buy special products for each task
• No alcohol or ammonia to deteriorate the window tinting.
• Improves clarity and vision plus protecting rubber

  • Gentle enough for cleaning hands   • No need to use rubber gloves or buy separate products for safeguarding hands and arms
• Will not irritate skin
• Will not stain clothes

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