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The Knock-Out™ cleaning process has been awarded a number of patents, the most important and innovative being ENCAPSULATION™ TECHNOLOGY, which creates perpetual molecular motion that lifts, encases and removes heavy soils, grease and grime without excessive rubbing. Knock-Out™ can be used with or without water and will not damage metal surfaces.

What is it?
Encapsulation™ Technology is new & innovative technology - never used before in the household cleaning industry.

How does it work?
• It consists of a powerful and unique combination of safe and fully biodegradable ingredients

• These formulas are supercharged solutions that create a perpetual molecular motion which make the Encapsulation(TM) of dirt, grease, grime and more, possible.

• Soils are encapsulated & held in stasis until they are wiped away, providing a true deep-down clean.

What advantages does Encapsulation™ Technology offer you and your family?

• Greatest advantage - Safely & Effectively clean your home with amazingly powerful solutions which do not contain any harsh or strong smelling chemicals.

• Non-toxic formulas - You don't even need gloves and no need to hold your breath while using them.

• Non-corrosive - Will not damage or scratch surfaces. Non-corrosive on human skin as well.

• Non-flammable - These solutions make for safer products to keep around the house & garage with no danger to your family or pets.

• Gentle on the environment - there are no harmful chemicals that will end up in our aquifers and waterways. Tough on dirt & more, while easy on you and our environment.


• Alcohol   • Synthetic Fragrances
• Bleach   • Perchlorothylene Solvents
• Dyes   • Sodium Hypochlorite
• Chlorine   • I-I-I Trichloroethane Solvents
• Ammonia    

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