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exterior cleaner and polish wheel, bug & grime cleaner dash, seat & carpet cleaner

"I used the Wheel, Bug & Grime Cleaner on my commercial conversion van to remove the the old adhesive from old decals. It did a great job and didn't damage my paint finish." David Glick, Indiana

"I just recently purchased the Dash, Seat & Carpet Cleaner and used it inside my mini-van to take out soda stains from the floor mats. I have a lot of my children and this product really works! What I like most is that it doesn't have a harsh toxic smell. I have allergies and am quite sensitive to fumes and this cleaner not only works but smells pleasant. Very important when you're spending some time cleaning the interior of your car. " Mary Simpson, California

"I had some residue on my rims and I sprayed the Wheel, Bug & Grime Cleaner on it and it removed the tar without much work at all." John, Utah

"The Exterior Cleaner & Polish is great for touch ups. I was able, in one step, clean and shine my truck in the parking lot while my wife was shopping." Jason, Michigan

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