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George Foreman’s Knock-Out™ Grill Cleaner is the first and only cleaner effective and safe enough to get George Foreman’s endorsement for use on George Foreman® grills and all other kitchen appliances and coated metal surface, including stainless steel. The powerful and unique combination of plant-derived botanicals and citric oils effectively lift, encase and remove grease, grime and even baked on spills without excessive rubbing.

It is 100% food safe so there are no worries about using it to clean food contact surfaces. Effectively cleans indoor grills, griddle, microwaves, stainless steel and coated metal surfaces. Safe to use on Teflon® coated kitchen appliances and cookware.


• Made with natural ingredients


• Safe around kids and pets
• Won’t harm the environment

  • Multi-Use product

  • Saves money
• No need to buy a variety of separate products for each cleaning task
• Use for kitchen, bathroom and general applications


• Dissolves and removes dirt, grease, and grime from all hard non-porous surfaces in the household

  • Saves time
• Makes cleaning easier
• Protects household surfaces
• Will not deteriorate surfaces

  • Non-greasy
• Non-flammable
• Non-corrosive
• Non-abrasive
• Non-toxic
  • Will not re-attract dirt and grime
• Not harmful – anyone can use it
• Will not hurt finishes
• Will not scratch or leave marks
• Safe for people, pets and the environment

  Just spray on – and wipe off   • Quick and easy clean up
• No need to rinse with water
• Just wipes off with terry cloth towel

  • Gentle enough to use for cleaning hands
• Non-toxic substance
  • No need to use rubber gloves or buy separate products for safeguarding hands and arms
• Will not irritate skin
• Will not stain clothes

  • Residue free cleaning   • Does not leave a residue
• Does not move dirt around –
encapsulates it and removes it
• Household surfaces become super clean
• Household surfaces stay cleaner longer

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