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"I just bought this product today, the George Forman's Knock-Out™(TM), and it is fantastic! It is one of the best cleaners I have ever used, and trust me I am 52 years old and I have used a lot of cleaners in my lifetime. I just wanted to let you know that this is a really good cleaner. Thank You." Judy Lewis, Tennessee

"I wanted to share my story with you. My dog was attacked by coyotes, we had blood everywhere, and no matter what we used, towels, sheets anything that we could wrap him in and take him to the vet. Anyway, you couldn't imagine the amount of laundry we had. I never had anything take out blood like this product, or clean like this product does, and because it was such enormous amount of clothes, sheets and blankets, I thought to my self that I don't want to throw any of the laundry away. So, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the fact that this is such a wonderful, wonderful product. I bought it because I think that George Foreman is such a great guy, and I am glad I did, because it is terrific, I will use every product that George puts out for laundry. This is exceptional!!! Thank you very much." Margaret Wagemaker, California

"I just wanted to say that I have never informed a company about a product, but this Knock-Out™ Glass Cleaner is the best stuff I think I have ever used in my life, you should really advertise it, it is fantastic!!! I just wanted you to know that this is a fantastic, fantastic product!!! Nancy Edmonds, Pennsylvania.

"I just purchased some of your products, and I am amazed by how great they work, I just wanted to give you that comment. Thank you very much." Ed Nyer, New York

"I believe that George Foreman Knock-Out™(TM) Glass Cleaner, is the best glass cleaner that I have ever used, I am so pleased with it. The reason why I purchased it, is because it had Mr. Foreman's name on it and I know that any of his products that I have used in the passed are quality plus... So, I tried it, I love it and I plan on purchasing some of the other cleaning products that he has. My mother also had purchased the glass cleaner and the multi-purpose cleaner and she thinks that this is the best that she used also. After I have purchased the product and have been using it for a while, I happened to read on the bottle that it is also environmentally friendly which pleases me even more, so I just wanted to say thank you for making a great products, I hope that you continue to provide the same quality products to us. We really like these products, we like the fact that Mr. Foreman has his name on it because he does represent quality. Thank you very much." Debra Michael, Pennsylvania.

"I just wanted to say the that the Knock-Out™ Glass Cleaner is wonderful, please don't ever change the formula, the product is great we all love it. Thank You. Marylyn Ison, Ohio

"I am so thrilled with the products, the window product that is Knock-Out™ I think it's wonderful please tell George Foreman, that it is spectacular!!! I love his cooking products, I loved to see him fight, I love the cleaning products, and I love George. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this opportunity." Wilmina Willchester, North Carolina

"George Forman's Knock-Out™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner is the best!!!! I bought a bottle in the summer, I have used it on my patio furniture and my countertops and I love it. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work." Gen Taylor

"I just wanted to say that I have seen Mr. Foreman on Martha Stewart with his product and I went right to the store to buy the glass and multi-purpose cleaner. I brought it home and absolutely loved it. I actually went back to the store today to buy 8 more bottles because I was afraid that they would run out. I have cleaned my countertops with another product, and then went over it with your product, and Knock-Out™ cleaned it all, there was no residue, and it picked up a lot of residue from cookie baking that was still left on there, and all that sticky stuff from frosting and things. So, I just wanted to say that I love it, and I want to thank you very, very much." Sheryl Fraidis


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