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Q: Why is Knock-Out™ really safe?
A: Knock-Out™ Pro Green is neither toxic nor poisonous, nor is the solution caustic or corrosive. As a water-based solution, it naturally becomes a fire retardant, i.e. non-flammable. Many industrial cleaning accidents are caused when ammonia and bleach is combined. Knock-Out™ Pro Green is non-reactive if accidentally mixed with other cleaning products.

Q: What is in the Knock-Out™ Cleaning Products?
A: More importantly, it is what is NOT in our. None of our cleaners and degreasers contains solvents or detergents.   Solvents are volatile compounds that are toxic to humans, domestic animals and wildlife. Many products contain Butyl that is a petroleum distillate.   Why clean with a gasoline-type chemical?

Q: Is there a chance this product can damage my equipment/ floor/ carpet/ machine?
A: Knock-Out™ Pro Green may be safely used on all water compatible surfaces.   Solvent-based cleaners will eventually damage rubber seals and grommets. Pro Green is a maintenance free product to use.

Q: Please explain what Biodegradable means?
A: Biodegrading is the breakdown of materials by bacteria. A solvent like motor oil takes years to dissolve. This could mean why solvents leak into our water system. Pro Green is 99.935% water soluble and is as safe for the eco-system as watering your lawn. This is why Knock-Out™ Pro Green is truly safe for the environment!

Let's equate the above explanations with reasons to use these products:

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER is more than Green; it is cleaning motivation. No more gloves, no more glasses and no more irritating odors.

POWER WASH SOLUTION is safe enough to water your plants! Knock-Out™ Pro Green has no bleach, ammonia or petroleum solvents.

CARPET CLEANER is both a Pre-Spotter and a Green Carpet Cleaner You save money using one product for two purposes. Knock-Out™ leaves a fresh and invigorating aroma when the job is done.

COMMERCIAL KITCHEN DEGREASER is effective, efficient and economical and safe to use in food preparation areas. Meets USDA Guidelines.

GLASS & SURFACE CLEANER uses half as much solution to clean, at half the cost. Knock-Out™ completely removes fingerprints, smoke and other soils. A totally clean surface saves you time because you will clean less often.


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