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“The George Foreman Knock-Out™ Pro Green Glass & Surface Cleaner is easy to use and leaves no marks, the George Foreman Knock-Out™ Pro Green All Purpose Cleaner is one of the best I’ve ever tried as a housekeeper.”

Employee of the Year,Hilton Hotels

My Operation's Team is very satisfied with the George Foreman Knock-Out™ Pro Green cleaningproducts. They provide a non-toxic cleaning agent with good results for our cleaning staff. Quality and safety go hand in hand when using Knock-Out™ Pro Green. We look forward to expanding our use of Knock-Out™ Pro Green cleaning products in the future.

James Prokulewicz, Vice President
United Building Maintenance, Inc.


"At Royal, next to doing an outstanding job cleaning, our priority is safety...We really care about the products that our employees use at the job sites...Finally with George Foreman's Knock-Out™ Pro Green products we have solutions that are truly safe for our employees.

Since using the George Foreman Knock-Out™ Pro Green All-Purpose Cleaner, we have saved money. This one cleaner has replaced several other products. And like any business, after safety it's about the bottom line.

My position is chaotic...the last thing that I want to worry about is my employees being burned from harsh products. Now I have piece of mind!

We take pride in our work and give attention to detail. When cleaning commercial ranges and griddles we disassemble the equipment by removing the knobs and racks. We use the George Foreman Knock-Out™ Pro Green Commercial Kitchen Degreaser to break down the tough baked on grease. It does a great job. And it is non-toxic so I don't have to worry about it harming my employees."      

Paul Hewett, Manager
Royal Cleaning Service, Inc.
New York

"I wanted to take a few moments to express our sincere appreciation and satisfaction with the George Foreman Knock-Out™ line of cleaning products. We've been particular pleased with your product ability to completely emulsify stubborn stains that other cleaners we tried could not. We also like the pleasant scent that lingers after the area has been cleaned. We have seen a tremendous difference in the appearance of the facility floors, carpets and bathroom just to mention a few. We will continue to utilize your products in all of our cleaning applications."

Jabril, Illinois


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