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George Foreman’s Knock-Out™ Glass Cleaner is the revolutionary way to clean and shine your windows and hard shiny surfaces without using harsh chemicals. The powerful and unique combination of plant-derived botanicals and citric oils effectively lift, encase and remove grease, grime and even baked on spills without excessive rubbing leaving a totally streak free shine.

Use on windows, mirrors, chrome, aluminum, plexiglass and much more for fast-acting results. This product contains no ammonia, no alcohol and is non-toxic.


• Made with natural ingredients


• Safe around kids and pets
• Won’t harm the environment

  • Water based glass
cleaning product
• Use on hard shiny surfaces
  • Convenient
• No water needed
• Use it anywhere
• No need for buckets of soapy water, dirty sponges or squeegees
• No harmful chemicals to go down the drain and into our aquifers

  • Safe for:
Aluminum, Chrome, Enamel, Glass, Most Jewelry (Excluding Pearls), Metallic Surfaces, Mirrors, Plastic, Plexiglass, Stainless Steel Surfaces

  • Will not harm non-glass surfaces
• No need to worry about which product to buy
  • Cleans, protects, and polishes simultaneously
• Ideal for spot cleaning
• Builds resistance to finger prints
  • Cleans and protects
• Don’t have to clean surfaces as much
• Keeps finish looking like new
• Makes shiny surfaces sparkle
• Looks cleaner longer

  • Non-abrasive
• Non-corrosive
• Non- toxic
• Non-flammable
  • Will not scratch surfaces
• Will not corrode surfaces
• People and pet safe
• Environmentally friendly
• Safe to use

  • Spray it on – wipe it off – and watch it shine!   • Handy
• Quicker, faster cleaning
• Easy to use

  • Dissolves dirt, dust, pollen   • Leaves a cleaner clean

  • Does not streak or leave water spots
• No residue
  • Avoids re-washing
• Makes for a cleaner surface every time
• Less work

  • Creates water beading on exterior glass surfaces  

• Reduces build up of dirt and grime on exterior windows
• Removes salt air residue

  • Super cleans
• Residue free cleaning
  • Does not leave a residue
• Does not move dirt around – encapsulates it and removes it
• Household surfaces become super clean
• Household surfaces stay cleaner longer

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