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Q: Why is Knock-Out™ really safe?
A: Knock-Out™ is neither toxic nor poisonous, nor is the solution caustic or corrosive. As a water-based solution, it naturally becomes a fire retardant, i.e. non-flammable. Many industrial cleaning accidents are caused when ammonia and bleach is combined. Knock-Out™ is non-reactive if accidentally mixed with other cleaning products.

Q: How does Knock-Out™Work?
A: Knock-Out™ Cleaning Products use a powerful and unique combination of plant-derived botanicals and citric oils. These are nature's own workhorses, safe around children and pets but tough enough to tackle any household mess. Knock-Out™ Products encapsulate and emulsify dirt, grease and grime, for a home that's clean and safe.

Q: What is in the Knock-Out™ Cleaning Products?
A: More importantly, it is what is NOT in our. None of our cleaners and degreasers contains solvents or detergents.   Solvents are volatile compounds that are toxic to humans, domestic animals and wildlife. Many products contain Butyl that is a petroleum distillate. Why clean with a gasoline-type chemical?

Q: Please explain what Biodegradable means?
A: Biodegrading is the breakdown of materials by bacteria. A solvent like motor oil takes years to dissolve. This could mean why solvents leak into our water system. Knock-Out™ is 99.935% water soluble and is as safe for the eco-system as watering your lawn. This is why Knock-Out™ is truly safe for the environment!


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